What are the reasons behind the missing teeth?

Although there are many options getting introduced every other day in the world of dentistry that is helping people to overcome their problems with the dental issues, the rate of dental diseases is constantly rising. People are coming towards the modern ways of treatment for missing and falling teeth such as dental implant, all on fours, etc. It is essential to take care of your teeth today so you could save them from falling in the future. It is therefore important to understand the reasons behind the missing teeth to make prevention practically possible.

However, there are certain factors such as aging that make you lose teeth, and there is no way to avoid that. Still the care for teeth today can help you save them in the future. We have gathered here is most common reasons behind the losing teeth and the ways you can prevent them from happening. Once you get to know the major reasons, it becomes easier for you to avoid them.

  • The most common factor that is involved in falling teeth is the bad hygiene and care for the teeth. If you do not take good care of your teeth, they start decaying, and the gums start effecting with the diseases. So take good care of your mouth and teeth so you could avoid the falling teeth in future.
  • It has been observed worldwide that the men tend to lose more teeth compared to women especially after the age of 35. A major factor in this ration was because men are less careful towards hygiene and eating habits compared to the women. Another major problem concerning the tooth decay and fall is the fact that the men smoke more than women and smoking simply kill the heath of all the organs of your body including the teeth. The smokers and ex-smokers both were found to lose teeth more than the nonsmokers.
  • General health issues also contribute to effecting the health of your teeth that eventually fall. The diabetic patients are most prone to get the tooth decays as there is a well-established link between diabetes and gum diseases. The people suffering from high blood pressure are also found to be victims of the gum diseases and falling teeth. A study was made for the patients of the gum disease, and it was found that every 3 out of five patients were diabetic and every one out of ten had high blood pressure. When both these health issues combine, that is diabetes and high blood pressure, the gum disease becomes more pronounced.
  • Another study relevant to the increasing number of patients for dental implant indicated that the reason behind the teenage patients was excessive use of cold drinks and junk food. The increasing trend of consumption of such foods that are high in sugars is dangerous for the health of your teeth. Therefore it is important to pay attention to all these factors so we could avoid having issues with teeth.